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Catch some sun with this colorful craft
Catch some sun with this colorful craft

Where we live in southern California, the sun’s rays are out in full effect 284 days of the year. That’s 80 more than the U.S. average! What better way to capture that warmth than with a cosmic sun catcher?

The project is simple yet rewarding and utilizes items you likely have laying around the house.

You will need white, food coloring or liquid watercolors, toothpicks, a plastic lid (the top from an empty yogurt, hummus, or sour cream container works great), a hole punch, white glue, and string.

To get start, place the lid on a flat surface and have your child spread a thick layer of glue across it. The layer of glue should be thick enough that you can’t see the lid through it.

Next, let your child put a few drops of food coloring on the glue.

Your child can take a toothpick and swirl the colors around, making a fun cosmic design or maybe even some shapes like flowers or stars.

Once the design is complete, let the project dry thoroughly. That should take about 3 hours and you will know the glue is fully dry once it starts to peel around the edges.

When it’s totally dry, punch a hole in the edge of the lid and loop a string through it. Then your child can place the sun catcher in a window of the home and watch as sun rays shine through!

We learned about this project from Babble Dabble Do.

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