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A Message from CCRC’s President and CEO
Dear Child Care Providers,
Given the recent vaccination mandate and resulting increase in our nation’s vaccine rate, we’re starting to see certain elements of our day-to-day return to “normal.” That includes children returning to a physical learning environment, parents working in the office and, for some of us, enjoying restaurants, travel and entertainment again. But we’re not out of the woods just yet with this pandemic and it remains critical that we stay attuned to the latest information from our nation’s leading health experts. Challenges still persist for many, especially those in the child care sector, but we’re persevering to continue this essential work.
As you know, the state legislature approved and the governor recently signed a bill that paves the way for Universal Transitional Kindergarten (UTK) in the State of California. Given the complexity of this initiative and the wide reaching impacts of enrolling all 4-year-olds in UTK, we advocated for deeper investigation and consultation with stakeholders before signing the bill. Our advocacy work did
not stall the governor’s signature but we did effectively delay implementation
of UTK until 2025, when a more comprehensive and cohesive framework can
be assembled. The plan, in its current form, does not adequately address the hardships that would be imposed on working class families, private child care providers or the children, themselves. We’re actively communicating with lawmakers, contacting press and meeting with partner agencies to help influence the way UTK is shaped so that it best serves families and child care providers like you, who they’ve come to trust and depend on over the years.
Historic funding for child care providers outlined in the most recent legislative session is long overdue but we’re finally starting to see those dollars be distributed. Many child care providers are receiving one-time stipends to support their programs, the provider reimbursement rates are increasing, and additional investments in child care infrastructure are coming through. Despite the adversity caused by the pandemic, one positive may be that more state leaders and tax payers understand the value of quality child care. Your work is essential.
As we move closer to the holiday season, the need in our community only grows. Along with our work at the state Capital, we’ve hosted vaccination drives and distribution events, as well as our regular provider trainings. Our agency is always pushing the envelope to support children, families and providers like you. With the celebration this year of 45 years in southern California, we reflect on the many advancements we’ve made, along with the work that’s left to be done.
Michael Olenick, PH.D.
President & CEO, Child Care Resource Center

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