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   Meet Our Coach
Community Care Licensing has resumed in-person visits and our Health & Safety Coach is available to offer support and guidance ahead of the facility inspection. The Coach help you prepare for an inspection that includes a review of your compliance with COVID-19 guidance and licensing regulations.
The recently released Provider Information Notice (PIN) 2021-2025 describes the new tool that Community Care Licensing analysts
will use during their inspections. This tool includes a focus on supervision, children records, facility administration, environment, staff records, and ratios. The Licensing Analyst inspects the child care facility to make sure all regulations are met. The analyst offers technical assistance whenever possible and it’s required that they address any violation of health and safety requirements.
Analysts have not conducted in-person visits since the start of
the pandemic, so we recommend setting up a coaching session
with Manny to make sure all guidelines are met ahead of the visit. Manny will do a virtual walk through with them and go over any new regulations that have come up. He can also answer their questions that would help you prepare for the analyst’s visit.
Some of the most common findings by our Health and Safety Coach are missing or outdated licensing forms, expired employee certifications, and potential safety hazards in the environment. Our coach is here to be your second set of eyes to ensure you are in compliance with Title 22 requirements, as well as best practices based on national standards.
You can schedule a virtual visit with coach Manny, where he will provide you with resources, support, and the most up-to-date safety guidance for your center. Manny also offers a virtual walkthrough
of your environment to help identify anything that may be out of compliance. He will advise you and provide the appropriate support to make corrections.
For questions, contact:
Manny Escoto
Professional Development Coach, Health & Safety Email: [email protected]
Phone: (818) 717-1000 ext. 4215 or (818) 399-0283 OR
Lily Duarte
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (818) 717-1000 ext. 4111 or (818) 383-2850
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