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Quality Start Los Angeles
Enrollment is now open for Quality Start Los Angeles (QSLA) Early Learning programs. Through these programs, center-based and family child care providers can receive the training needed to take their program to the next level.
QSLA is offering two types of programs: Fundamental, which is designed for Family Child Care Providers or non-CSPP funded center-based providers, and Comprehensive, which is designed for licensed CSPP-funded early learning center providers. The programs offer unique benefits to help support each type of provider.
The QSLA Fundamental offers:
• Free training and professional development opportunities • Two consultation sessions with a QSLA coach, annually
• Customized quality improvement
• Individualized plan for your site
• $600 annual incentive
The QSLA Comprehensive offers:
• Free training and professional development opportunities • At least $2,000 in annual incentives for your program
• Individualized coaching from a QSLA coach
• Quality Counts California Rating
    Quality Start San Bernardino
Providers in San Bernardino are encouraged to register with Quality Start San Bernardino (QSSB), which partners with early learning providers to build upon and improve the quality of care they provide children from birth to age 5.
OSSB’s specialized training helps ensure children are nurtured in a high quality environment, ready for school, and prepared for life. QSSB has extended its work to partner with license-exempt providers and community based programs like family resource centers, home-visiting programs, libraries, and Boys and Girls Clubs.
Giving teachers the high quality professional development they value often leads to greater retention and a well-trained workforce. Research shows high quality, early learning experiences can improve a child’s health, social-emotional skills, and academic readiness for school.
Space is limited so register today.

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