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Leaf Art
This fun leaf activity is a great way to get kids outside while also tapping into their creative side. Children of any age will enjoy learning how to make a rubbing of a leaf. They can use crayons, pencils or markers for this project to create a stunning rendering that will shine beautifully on any refrigerator door.
You will need: markers or pencils or crayons, paper, and leaves.
Step 1: Explore your backyard or neighborhood with the child and collect any leaves you see. This craft also works well using vines.
Step 2: Place the leave on the table under a piece of paper.
Step 3: Color the paper over top of the leaf. It may be best to start using light pressure
so the leaf doesn’t get crushed.
Step 4: Once the outline of the leaf emerges, you’re done! Try it again, repositioning the leaf under a different part of the paper or using a different leaf.
Alternatively, children can make a stamp using the leaf and markers. Color the leaf with a marker, place it color side down on the paper, and use your hands or a rolling pin to press it down.
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